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About Us


We are a family owned and opreated driving school. We strive to provide quality education and continued customer satisfaction at affordable prices. We provide intensive driving lessons to properly equip you before hitting the road!

If you want to learn how to drive, choose the certified instructors at A-Plaza Driving School for expert instruction a nd safety. We feature dual-control cars for hands-on instruction and for your peace of mind.

We focus on teaching our students correct driving habits. We specialize in driver instruction for adolescents and adults.

Contact the professionals at A-Plaza Driving School to schedule your lesson package or for defensive driving classes. We look forward to getting down to basics and walking through every step of the process with you.

Our Mission

At A-plaza Driving School our number one goal is to treat each and every student like a family member and teach our students the right set of skills to be able to drive safely, defensively and with utmost level of awareness. Our teaching method and our integrated grading system assures that every parent is fully engaged and aware of the lessons and the progress that is being made.

Our Mission is to educate students to drive defensively by creating safe and responsible drivers.
Having your own license is essential in today’s world. Imagine trying to find a job without one. Public transportation doesn’t always go where you need to go, and it may take hours instead of minutes to get where you want. Owning your own driver’s license opens up a world of opportunities that may not be open to you otherwise. Getting your license and achieving your independence could be a long and difficult path. We make it easy and fast for you. Our instructors and our unique methodology transform the complex to the simple and provide you the best possible training. Start today on the path to becoming an independent driver the easiest and fastest way!

Our goal is to make sure that our students are not only learning the correct set of skills in driving, but making a lifelong habit of these skills to ensure their safety for many years to come. Our teaching approach in drivers training is different than most other schools. Our instructors are trained in coaching our students. This method forces the student to be much more engaged with much more awareness of their surroundings. Therefore, the student will be much better prepared to take better and more decisive action in stress situations. They are given scenarios and commands while driving and are engaged in making the correct moves while being coached by the instructor.

We want to make sure that each student after completing our course is capable of driving out on the streets and the real world while facing different variable and dangers from their surroundings. Awareness of danger and uncertainty of different variables in which operating a motor vehicle can create and their readiness to act correctly is our main concern.

We wish all the best for all our students and all drivers out there and hope for better and safer roads

why choose us ?

We genuinely care about your success and about teaching you to become a safe driver. We are determined to get you to pass your test the first time around, saving you money and stress. Our lessons are efficient, yet relaxed (you can even listen to music during the lesson) and the tuition you receive is warm and friendly- while you learn to drive at your own pace in new, clean cars.

We specialize in nervous drivers and beginners as well as those who already have driving experience and are looking to pass their test as soon as possible- and the first time around.


Read our testimonials to see how professional our transportation services are.

Testi three
"After taking two behind the wheel lessons I learn a lot about driving and is not expensive 2 hr lessons for 85. I would recommend this school if anyone wants to learn. The driving instructor is Tom and he currents your mistakes in traffics and turns. He loves to talk and he does speak Spanish so yes you'll find yourself distracted. Just be aware if you need a couple of lessons again and you wait a month, he'll talk about the same thing like the last lesson it'll be like déjà vu again. One thing to know too is he knows about the driver's test wait times if you thinking about taking the test after this."

Emily L. Hayward, CA

Testi two
"I am so happy that I took a class from here & got my license. I took a class from two other driving school before & they taught me nothing, it was just a waste of money. But when I took my first class with Tom, he made me feel so confident & gave me great tips which helped me to pass the exam. Thank you my instructor Tom(Thomas) & A Plaza driving school."

Prat J. , Livermore, CA

Testi one
"Got instructor bob for my driving class. Very experienced and guided me very well. I am really satisfied. Only one thing you should note is, mention time to your instructor when you sit in driving seat, and calculate 2 hours from then. I lost 15 mins, we dropped someone and then my class started. So, mention time to your instructor when you sit in drivers seat. Overall i got good driving experience. I would recommend it to others. Good one at low cost."

Chaitanyakumar G. , Hayward, CA